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Please notify the admin if you wish to place a player here for transfer offers

Transfer Listed Players


Managers may recruit players from an amateur team once every 6 games or more, by using the form below.

Managers may select the type of player, but the player will be randomly allocated and placed in the reserves.

Recruit Amateur Player

- To bid on a player from the free agents list, managers must offer at least one (or more, up to 4 players) of their current players in return. Each of your players has a TV (trade value) which is used in these transfers, effectively a form of currency.

- Bids are placed secretly (using the form below) and the manager who offers the highest 'bid' for the player that week will sign him, whilst the player or players offered in return will leave your team.

- Managers bidding do not have to bid higher than the Free Agent listed players' TV (they are set to 0 currently until signed or unless previously released by other teams), they simply have to offer at least one player in return, so a successful bidding manager may be able to bid a low TV player and get back a much higher TV player in return if they are the highest (or only) bidder that week.

- All bids will be checked and transfers will be done on Matchdays, with any players signed being placed automatically in the first team and available to play the next game unless there is no space, then the player will be placed in reserves. The deadline for bids is midnight before each game.

- If two managers offer identical bids then the player will remain unsold and available to bid on again the following week by all managers.

- Managers may bid on up to three players per week, but players offered in trade may only be involved in one offer per week.

- Managers are not allowed to bid away players that would effectively reduce their squad to less than 15 players (regardless of injuries or suspensions) once the bids have been concluded.

- Players with a '0' TV will only be given a TV rating after they have played 5 matches, this is to prevent managers from buying players and using them to trade immediately. Players who have already been given a TV will be able to be traded.


Use the form below to bid for players from unamanged teams. You may use UP TO  2 players to bid, but the total TV of your player(s) MUST be higher than the player you are bidding on.

Trading with Unamanged Teams


Free Agents listed in Blue will be removed next week, if they remain unattached